Press & Media


Any journalist or editor can apply for press registration, with 2 free registrations being offered per publication. With a press registration we welcome you to attend all sessions that are open to registered delegates, including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Press registration also gives you full access to our virtual press room, where virtual press conferences will be held and support will be provided by ICN staff.

  1. To register for a press registration:
  2. Create a profile and then proceed to registration.
  3. The registration form will ask under which participant type you would like to register. In order to receive a free registration as an accredited journalist, select “media” here.
  4. Once your registration online is complete you will receive an automated email informing you that your registration is being verified and providing you with a link to upload your media accreditation.
  5. Once your accreditation has been verified and accepted, the registration will automatically proceed, and you will receive a confirmation email and further information from the ICN Communications Team.

Media Partner

ICN is keen to enter into partnerships with a limited number of nursing journals, providing mutual benefits both for the ICN Congress and these publications. Please take some time to visit our current Media Partners below. Should your publication wish to join the restricted number of official Media Partners please get in touch with us to find out more.





For more information please contact:

Gyorgy Madarasz, Press Officer | +41 22 908 01 16